From the Department of Better Late Than Never: we can now officially say that any work submitted to us prior to the current reading period (that is, anything submitted before Oct 1, 2007) has been considered, decided upon, and SASEs are on their way.

Apologies to those of you who waited so patiently. As a general rule, here is how it works around here. We don't read from May through September, though we do hold submissions we receive during that period for consideration in the next reading period. We start to field submissions in October, but we really don't start reading and processing in earnest until the first of the year. Our last decision -- typically the chapbook winner -- is made by August 1. We say all that just to give you a sense that it can sometimes take a while to hear from us.

Here's another general rule: if you submit sometime during the reading period (and, really, why would you do anything else?) and you haven't heard from us by August 1, it's a safe bet we've taken a pass on your work. We will, of course, process the SASEs and you will get official notice. This just gives you a sense of the timing so you can manage your submission process accordingly.

And if you submit when we're not reading, it will likely take a VERY long time to hear from us. But even then, you'll hear from us.

There's always some guilt associated with the processing -- takes way longer than it should and rejection notices don't always go out in a timely fashion. We assuage our guilt a little bit by not only accepting but ENCOURAGING simultaneous submissions. And, of course, we never charge reading fees. Still, we understand any enmity this causes. Perhaps you can take some solace in all the bad kharma we're making for ourselves in our own writing lives.

Thanks for your patience and understanding -- and, as always, thanks for your interest in RMR.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the SASE went astray since it never found sxf31@psu.edu...after 4/25/07 e-submissions then allowed. Any word on "Longevity," "Generation," "Chinese Painting,""In the Best of Health"?
grateful to something,